Smart Steps for Smarter Decisions:

In 5 Days, Learn How Smart Steps Turns Colleagues and Students into Self-Reliant Decision-Makers (Even If They Have Little to No Experience)

"I have found Smart Steps App to be a major asset"
- Amanda Gabel, Consultant

Are you ready to defeat decision paralysis?

Hi, I’m Dr. Cindy Fisher. I was a special education teacher for 40 years. Based on that experience, I created Smart Steps® to help individuals achieve independence and become effective self-advocates.

  • Step-by-step guidance on how to turn Smart Steps into your go-to reference and training material, for groups of any size

  • Learn what's keeping individuals of all levels from becoming confident decision-makers—and how Smart Steps helps them improve

  • Save time and money by making Smart Steps takeover for your supervisors, managers, and trainers

  • This free email course gives you everything you need to understand how Smart Steps can turn the individuals under your care into confident, independent decision-makers.

"... the Smart Steps Mobile App provides the type of non-judgmental guidance and support that individuals need when navigating challenging situations" - Lelah Erb-Bashaw, M.S., Board-Certified Advocate in Special Education

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Here's everything that's inside:

Day 1: How Smart Steps helps solve overwhelm and decision paralysis for students, young adults, and professionals—and why you can’t afford to ignore this.Day 2: The fundamental Smart Steps feature that turns first-time users into expert decision-makers, even if they’ve never encountered the problem before.Day 3: The safety features that ensure users can always get help, regardless of the situation they’re in.Day 4: A step-by-step guide on programming Smart Steps, so that users can learn how to think just like you.Day 5: Turn Smart Steps into an automated, always-available supervisor for your group.

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